Digital Projection


Wehrenberg Theatres to Debut Digital Cinema Circuit will convert several auditoriums from 35 mm to digital projection St. Louis, MO (March 9, 2007) -

Wehrenberg Theatres announced today it has signed a contract with REAL D, an industry leader in the digital cinema field, to convert five projectors to digital. The new digital equipment will be installed in time for Disney's animated feature Meet the Robinsons opening March 30. As an added feature, the five screens will showcase the film in 3-D!

The Wehrenberg Theatres slated to receive the first five digital screens are the Ronnies 20 Cine, the Galaxy 14 Cine in Chesterfield, MO, the St. Charles 18 Cine, the O'Fallon 15 Cine in O'Fallon, IL and the Galaxy 16 Cine in Cedar Rapids, IA. Following the digital debut of Meet the Robinsons, more screens will convert to digital in these theatres, bringing the total to 27 screens.

Digital cinema offers several new features for movie-watchers, and new venues for the theatres themselves. Digital cinema truly presents a film the way its director intended to show it. Clarity and detail are dramatically improved with digital, and the range of colors available grows to 35 trillion shades.

As is evident with Meet the Robinsons, these new projectors provide movie-goers with amazing 3-D technology for select films. Innovations in digital filming and editing make eye-popping 3-D effects easier every year, so more and more blockbusters are able to offer 3-D shows. Wehrenberg Theatres will lead the way in bringing these movies to guests.

Movie-goers will also love the fact every showing of the film remains as high quality as the previous. Whether a guest sees a film on opening night, or the last day of its run, there is no deterioration or fading. Digital movies are immune to the imperfections of regular 35 mm film, such as scratches, pops or skips.

However, digital projectors do more than improve the quality of the movies themselves; they also offer exciting new programs not often associated with movie theatres. Because digital equipment can plug into fiber optics or satellite, movie auditoriums can feature live concerts, sporting events or television programs on screens that make plasma TVs look tiny.

“Wehrenberg Theatres has always been on the front lines when it comes to bringing new technologies to our guests,” said Ronald P. Krueger, Chairman and Co-CEO of Wehrenberg Theatres. “Whether it's the Mega Screen, IMAX or state-of-the-art sound and seating, we relish the opportunity to introduce these innovations to our guests.”