Movie-watching in a heated leather recliner with a cocktail and a plate of Portabella mushrooms generally means experiencing it on a television at home. Beginning Friday, October 8, you may very well be enjoying that experience on a wall-to-wall silver screen at the Galaxy 14 Cine’s new Five Star Lounge! The movie could even be 3D, and will certainly be a current release not yet available for home viewing.

Wehrenberg Theatres will debut its Five Star Lounge at Galaxy 14 Cine, 450 THF Blvd. in Chesterfield Valley, with Disney’s Secretariat. Guests will receive five-star treatment. All seats in the auditorium are leather recliners with plenty of space and more than enough comfort. Each has controls for reclining, heating and the wait staff. With the push of a button, an on-call server will arrive at your recliner to take food and drink orders or bus tables.

Of course, for an experience such as this, guests can expect more than popcorn, soda and candy. Though the traditional movie concessions are certainly available, guests will have a full menu of appetizers, entrees, desserts and adult beverages. Aside from the aforementioned mushrooms, appetizers include artichoke and spinach Rangoon, handmade loaded baked potato chips, St. Louis-favorite toasted ravioli and more.

The entrée menu boasts chicken wraps and sandwiches, various pizzas (including BBQ chicken and Philly cheese steak) and hamburgers. Desserts are offered as well, from gelato bowls to ice cream concretes to root beer floats.

To enhance the ambiance of this elegant, relaxing new movie house, guests must be 21 or older to attend. This lends itself perfectly to the other amenities guests can order – beer, wine and mixed drinks. A selection of beer, both “on tap” and bottled, can be brought to your table. Wines and mixed drinks, including frozen concoctions like margaritas and daiquiris, are just a button away as well.

“We’ve been exploring this concept for a while,” said Ronald P. Krueger, Chairman and CEO of Wehrenberg Theatres. “Every now and then, we all deserve to pamper ourselves whether it’s enjoying fine dining or spending a day at the movies. Our Five Star Lounge is a way to pamper yourself at the movies, and for far less expense than other options. You’ll never stay home for a movie again.”

Bill Menke, Executive Vice President, agreed. “The entire experience is first-class. Guests will be greeted at the auditorium door and escorted to their reserved seat. Our hosts will explain the entire process, answer questions and take menu orders right away. All our movie-goers need to do is lay back in their leather recliners, relax and enjoy the movie.”

Tickets can be purchased at the box office, or online at Just look for the film title listed with “five star” and click an applicable showtime.

Having celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2006, St. Louis-based Wehrenberg Theatres is the oldest family-owned and operated theatre circuit in the U.S. Ronald P. Krueger, 3rd Generation, Chairman and Co-CEO of Wehrenberg Theatres.
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