Led Zeppelin Celebration Day
Running Time: 124 minutes
Five years ago, Led Zeppelin, one of the worlds’ greatest rock'n'roll bands, reunited to play the only full set since they split in 1980. The event was momentous; smashing all ticketing records for a single music event, as 20 million people registered to purchase tickets. The performance was extraordinary; Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and the late drummer's son, Jason Bonham, played their tightest set ever. The playlist includes 16 of their greatest hits including Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog, Kashmir and Stairway to Heaven. Uniquely filmed with a multi-camera set-up, the concert is being released in SMPTE conforming 2K DCP, with a blistering 5.1 surround sound that was mastered by the band themselves.
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Showtimes for Tuesday, September 02, 2014  
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