Laser Show: Pink Floyd on the Chesterfield Mega Sc
Running Time: 130 minutes
Pink Floyd’s laser show will feature the album “Dark Side of the Moon” in its entirety, along with excerpts from the movie version of Pink Floyd - The Wall including “Comfortably Numb.” These well-known hits will perfectly accompany a sight and sound experience like none other. The Wehrenberg Laser Experience, designed and programmed by the award-winning company Laser Spectacles, is a sensory overload of lasers, lights, music and sound! Up to thirteen separate laser projectors are used, providing the most brilliant colors ever seen in a laser show. These lasers combine to offer stunning, exciting 3D images throughout the auditorium. These laser projectors surround the auditorium, and a haze fills the entire room. The light graphics are visible not just on the screen, but on the walls, ceiling and as 3D images floating inside the auditorium itself! This is not your dad’s laser show!
Date of Show:

Showtimes for Tuesday, September 02, 2014  
No showings of this movie for this date.