Q: How can I acquire a Wehrenberg MVP Card?
Get your card free at any Wehrenberg Theatre.

Q: Then what?
Simply visit us online, to register your card. Click “MVP Card”
In the homepage Marquee and follow the directions

Q: Why should I register my Wehrenberg MVP card?
You’ll get 100 points for registering! Once you register & make your first purchase while swiping your MVP card, we’ll add 100 points to your account! As you use your card at a Wehrenberg Theatre, you can track your award points online at your convenience. Note that you will not receive the 100 points until after you use your card for the first time.

Q:Where can I use my Wehrenberg MVP card?
The MVP card is valid at all Wehrenberg Theatre locations and can be used at both box office and concessions.

Q:Do I get MVP points if I purchase VIP tickets?
Yes! Provide your MVP Card or number at the time of the purchase, and you will receive full points on the transaction’s total amount.

Q: How do I collect points when using my Wehrenberg MVP card?
As soon as you have registered your card, you can start earning points for every dollar spent on tickets and concession items at any Wehrenberg Theatre. You simply give your card to our host at the time of your purchase who will swipe your card to record your points into your MVP account. You will receive points for every dollar spent.

Q: How do I know I’ve acquired an MVP reward ?
When our host at box office or concession swipes your card, it will let us know you have a reward earned. The host will share the good news with you and give you the option to redeem your reward now or save it for later-your choice!

Q: What can I get with my MVP reward Points?
Reward points are accumulated through purchases. At different point levels our MVP members receive a reward such as free concession items, discounts and even free movie tickets. Some rules apply, including free movie ticket rewards are not valid for the NO PASS engagements, IMAX, 3D, MEGA SCREEN, FIVE STAR LOUNGE AND SPECIAL EVENTS.

Q: What are the reward point levels?
The MVP reward levels are posted on the MVP Card Page at wehrenberg.com for your convenience.

Q: I used a reward but my point total didn’t go down. Why not?
Using a reward does not affect your lifetime point total. However, your awards must be used in 180 days from acquiring them. Otherwise the prize is deleted from your account.

Q: What should I do if my Wehrenberg MVP card is lost or stolen?
If you’ve lost your MVP Card, don’t worry! We can issue a new card while keeping your reward points intact! Simply visit your nearest Wehrenberg Theatre and request a replacement card. The staff will be able to look up your information, transfer your points and provide a new card on the spot.

Q: How does Wehrenberg Theatres protect my privacy after I register for a Wehrenberg MVP card?
Under the Wehrenberg.com privacy statement, Wehrenberg will not give your name or other contact information to other companies without your permission. You can remove your name from our weekly newsletter mailing list by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the newsletter.